Yoga & Meditation

Yoga & Meditation

“When it comes to holistic science, Yoga and meditation come first as being exquisite alternative science.”

The scriptures and ancient books of India have countless astounding incidents that let one stand with open mouth, like separating body from soul and still the body had life. Yes, this is what the peculiar power of yoga and meditation possess.
Yoga’ & ‘Meditation’ are the two aspects of the same coin. Where Yoga brings union there meditation leads to communion, the union with oneself.
The father of Yoga, Sage Patanjali, had cracked hard nuts to bring the fact in limelight that Yoga, a holistic science, gives rise to union and integrity in the functioning of mind, body and soul for bringing the perfect state of well being.
Moreover, amazing Meditation is a trans mode or the state of alteration. An expertise therapist uses an object which enables the patient to move into trans mode and thereby, corrects the psychological disorders.

Meditation has two ways:
a)     Transgression
b)     Progression
You can either peep into the past or early life via transgression while future can be set under progression.
Diseases will last till the end of life and medical science has some limited solutions to knock out that nasty blow of health troubling diseases. But Yoga & Meditation have unlimited solutions to restore good health without any hint of aftermath. Since these two alternative sciences do not require any medicinal prescription thus, their amazing blend blows new life to sick souls, especially in psychological disorders.

Yoga has the following therapies associated with it that are:

a)     Asana
b)     Pranayamas
c)     Meditation
d)     Kriyas
e)     Relaxation techniques

Listed below are the miracles that yoga & meditation do together:

a)     Supple muscles and joints
b)     Bring flexibility
c)     Rejuvenate tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, lymphatics and nerves
d)     Bring mind and body movement in proper co-ordination
e)     Enhance sharpness of the senses
f)     Improve respiratory system
g)     Strengthen muscular system
h)    Boost confidence and introduce a positive approach
i)      Bring metabolism in order
j)      Regulate digestion, respiratory rate and heart rate
k)    Improve memory and concentration
l)      Detoxify internal organs
m)   Clear nostrils, upper respiratory tract
n)    Improve vision
o)    Make body immune

Techniques of meditation are of varied types:

a)     Transformation Meditation: A therapist replaces trouble causing negative thought with the positive idea in an impactful impressive way that its effect would live for long in the mind. It helps in treating the cardiac, respiratory system and locomotor organs etc.
b)     Chakra Meditation: The seven chakras are stimulated via the Sushuma Nadi and its usage to make the body healthy.
c)     Om Meditation: The universal force comprising positive energies penetrates positivity in human body via this meditation.
d)     Breath Meditation: It’s the practice of focusing on inhaling and exhaling in order to let the oxygen flow freely into the circulation and hence, rejuvenating the entire body system.

Relaxation: It’s the therapy of introducing rest, peace and warmth to the mind, body and soul for which nothing but positive suggestions are fed to mind. Varied beneficial relaxation techniques are given below:

a)     Shavasana
b)     Deep Relaxation techniques
c)     Instant Relaxation techniques

Tai Chi: It’s a blend of gentle martial art with the meditation and exercises for the betterment of health and body. It not only reduces stress but also strengthens metabolism and immunity system.