Affordable Treatment

“Synergy Medical Services is your best guide that ensures treatment at affordable price.”

A patient smiles when the best medical treatment is available at affordable price. Undoubtedly, money rules but when ones’ health is at stake then only expertise hands of the experienced doctors can do some miracle.

Synergy Medical Services is keeping an observing eye on the patients-in-need living in Middle East, Asia, Africa & some other developed countries as well.

Consequently, with the positive note and approach, Synergy Medical Services has smoothened the route to India for those who are seeking world-class medical facilities for perfect remedial cure. Our professional medical facilitators feel obliged to play their key role of providing hassle free seamless services during medical tour in India.

Venturing into the medical tourism, Synergy Medical Servicesis looking forward to represent patients to the esteemed and repo-holding doctors and hospitals in India who understand every health care issue and help decipher complete Medical procedure before landing to India.

For sure, treatment in India will give you satisfactory relief under cost-effective medical services. We advocate on your behalf to obtain affordable cost without any relaxation on any aspect of Quality healthcare.

How is it a cost-effective deal to get treated in India?

a)     Arranges Free Medical opinions & charges from hospitals
b)    Free Consultation with the medical facilitators
c)     Avails a list of the most suitable hospitals and doctors
d)    Makes arrangement for prompt admission and appointments
e)     Travel, Accommodation & Logistic support
f)     Visa facility
g)     Local guardian & other concierge services
h)    Free post medical procedure care
i)      Ensures a safe, comfortable & happy see-off

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