We strive to ensure delivery of Quality and Affordable Healthcare away from home in homely environment. We take away all the stress of identifying appropriate Healthcare options available, selection of most suitable one of India’s Hospital & Doctor, arranging Free Medical opinion and charges, Travel, accommodation and Logistics support and Visa facilitation. We also act as Local Guardian helping you to have a happy and safe healthcare experience.

Step 1: Know about us & our Services

Our website is a one-stop window for all you want to know about various Hospitals, Doctors, Healthcare options available in India & world class facilities offered as your medical care destination.

Step 2: Get started – without any obligation

Based upon your description of present medical condition and treatment requested or your medical reports or any scan images where available, we provide Free of Charge Expert Fair Medical Opinion, Medical Procedures required & Cost of Treatment without any obligations on your part.

Step 3: Selection of most suitable Hospital & Doctor

India holds advantage as a medical tourism destination since not only Indian Doctors are better trained but also because Top-of-the-line medical and diagnostic equipment from global conglomerates is available at Indian hospitals. Even the most budget-conscious traveler can afford first-rate service and luxury amenities in India.

However, key is always which hospital and doctor has the required expertise to treat a particular case. That is where our expertise helps. Based upon, your described present medical condition and treatment requested or your medical reports or any scan images where available, we shall identify the most suitable & one of India’s best Hospital & Doctor.

Step 4: Response with Expert Fair Medical Opinion

We shall respond within 48 hours of receiving your enquiry with Expert Fair Medical Opinion from recommended Hospital with details regarding your requested treatment, a suggestive list of pre-operative tests that may be required, Charges involved for the Medical procedures & other related important information such as duration of treatment, post treatment stay in India, complications if any. Just in case the concerned doctor needs to know more or view recent reports, we will communicate to you also.
To help you arrive at well-informed decision, we can also organize direct telephone call or video call with the concerned Doctor.

Step 5: Appointment Booking

Once you have made your decision regarding Hospital, Doctor and Charges involved for treatment then we shall make booking with the Hospital in due consultation with you. Finally according to your preference, a suitable travel date is assigned, an itinerary is prepared and the pricing quotation covering your charges involved towards Medical & Non-medical requirements is finalized.

Step 6: Arrange travel to India

We will guide you throughout the process such as facilitating issuance of Indian Medical Visa, booking flight tickets as per your preference.
Upon receipt of copy of booking of flight tickets, we shall reconfirm Appointments for hospital room, Treatment schedule, airport reception and hotel stay for post treatment recuperation and recovery. Upon arrival at the designated airport in India, you will be received by our representative in the arrivals area. An air-conditioned car or similar transportation will then take you to either your chosen hotel or hospital as per the plan.

To help you plan your journey better, here is the checklist

  • Please consult your local Doctor whether you are fit to travel overseas with your present medical condition.
  • Keep your local doctor informed so that you can continue your follow up treatment, if required.
  • Remember to carry Records like X-Rays, MRI’s, health histories, photographs, immunization records, prescriptions, and any other health records relevant to the surgery.
  • Passport and visa: A passport and Indian Medical Visa for yourself & companion if any.
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate conforming to International Health Regulations, if originate or transiting through countries where Yellow Fever is endemic.
  • Credit cards, debit cards and travelers checks: Bring some cash in international currency, travelers cheques and one or two major credit cards and debit cards.
  • Carry your driver’s licence or any valid proof of identity and make sure it will remain valid while you’re traveling.

Step 7: Hospital Admission & Stay

Upon your arrival at Hospital, our Case Manager will help you get registered at the Hospital. As per directives from the Government of India, you are required to produce your passport at time of registration. The hospital will maintain a copy of your passport in records. You may be required to deposit advance towards treatment charges as per terms and conditions of the concerned hospital.

A private room would have already been booked as per prior arrangements, which is also duly equipped for stay of Patient’s one companion, if any. Nurses and Patient Care executives would be available to help you anytime.

You will also be shown the various facilities available in the hospital and meet with your Consultant Surgeon or Doctor. The Consultant Surgeon or Doctor will explain all about the required Medical procedure and you will also have the opportunity to discuss and ask any questions related to the Medical procedure directly to your surgeon. Before the commencement of tests and treatment you need to make the complete payment to the hospital as per the quote given to you.

Most Hospitals accept all major credit cards like VISA, MASTER CARD, AMEX & CIRRUS and Traveler’s cheques or cash in major currencies such as US$, CAD, Euro & Pound Sterling etc.

The pre-operative tests and evaluation will start as scheduled. Based on the results of the evaluation, surgery or treatment will start as per the schedule. Meanwhile our Case Manager will always be in touch to provide you any assistance or service if required such as currency exchange or mobile phone etc.

Note: Final decision on your treatment will be made only after the doctor meets you and examines you in person. It is possible that your doctor, upon examining you, may decide you are not fit for surgery, or recommends treatment different from what may have already been planned.

Step 8: Post Medical Procedure Care

Upon discharge from Hospital, our Case Manger will escort you to Hotel or Accommodation of your choice as preferred by you in the quote. Here you will stay for your post-operative period for recuperation. If necessary you will continue any physiotherapy and rehabilitation during this period.

Step 9: A Happy See-off & Aftercare

Our Case Manager will escort you to the airport. If required, wheelchair assistance will be arranged. At the time of departure, we make sure that you have all the relevant documents, medical reports and hospitals bills.
Upon your arrival in your Home Country, our Case Manager will still be on standby to attend to any of your queries relating to the actual Medical Procedure carried out in India. Necessary help will also be available from Hospital & Consultant Surgeon / Doctor at a time suitable to your-self.
We shall also request you to fill-up Feedback Questionnaire.

For any assistance, you can write to us at or call us anytime at 971 50 575 3860 Or +91 95 82 83 83 83 for any assistance.

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