What is Medical Tourism

Medical tourists are patients who travel overseas to undergo Medical procedures or other treatments that are either unavailable or having long waiting period or too expensive in their Home countries. Medical tourists also opt for elective procedures such as cosmetic surgery, hip and knee replacements, dental procedures, infertility treatments; any procedure that is usually not covered by insurance or has a long waiting time in their home countries.

Why travel overseas to obtain medical treatments?

There are varied reasons. In many developing countries, some of the Speciality Treatments are simply not available irrespective of cost of treatment. In most developed nations like the US and UK, medical treatments are getting increasingly expensive, and tough to afford.

So destinations which offer quality healthcare delivered at affordable costs are the great incentive to travel overseas to obtain medical treatment. With hospitals equipped with latest equipment & massive pool of health experts, India is fast emerging as a favourite most destination to obtain Quality & Affordable Healthcare.

What are the types of medical procedures that tourists usually seek in India?

Indian Hospitals offers a wide range of clinical specialties. Medical Tourists seek treatments in the areas of renal transplantation, liver transplantation, cosmetic surgery, heart bypass surgery, coronary bypass, dental care and so on. They also opt for complex and more elective procedures like total knee replacement and revision knee replacement.

What are the associated risks?

The concerns such as risk of infection are minimized through State-of-the-art Operation Theatres equipped with the latest equipment and laminar airflow systems, to maintain internationally accepted sterility norms. All our associated hospitals have facilities to ensure that chances of other possible risks are also minimized. But it is important to note that no medical procedure is 100% risk free & as a patient, one needs to educate him-self & carryout the required research before making a final decision.

Why should I select India over other destinations?

India offers a perfect combination of Quality healthcare treatment at very affordable costs. Within Asia, India happens to receive maximum medical tourists owing to low cost of treatment, quality healthcare infrastructure, and availability of highly-skilled doctors. Moreover, India also provides option of post-operative care through traditional medicinal methods, like Ayurveda and Naturopathy.

In addition in India Medical treatment is available without any delays or long wait. India is connected with the world through Excellent International Flight Network & is also a Tourists’ hub.

Why not obtain Medical Treatment & Tourism services directly from Hospital?

Medical Tourism is certainly not about finding a good hospital that offers extras like hotel bookings, transportation services and special foods. And Medical tourism cannot also be equated with having a vacation in a foreign land.

So given the inherent risks involved in Medical Tourism there is need for Smarter Medical Tourism Facilitators who would not only understand Health Care Environment & Regulations in Home Countries but also those of Countries offering Affordable & Quality Medical Treatments. Hence obtaining Medical Tourism services of such Medical Tourism Facilitators; invariably help understand the problems, lower the associated risks and get better outcomes resulting into pleasing healthcare experience.

What is the need for Medical Tourism Facilitator

Before any patient could obtain Quality Healthcare Delivery, one needs to cross several clinical & logistical barriers. Sometimes, obtaining even the Fair Medical Opinion free from conflict of interest can become insurmountable problem. In addition, there may be uncertainties of obtaining healthcare delivery in alien conditions in a country away from home. As such, an international patient may obviously be anxious and concerned. Hence, there is a conspicuous need for Medical Tourism Facilitator to act as his Advocate, Guardian & Consultant.

What is the cost savings by getting the treatment abroad?

Compared to cost of obtaining healthcare in some of the developed countries, Medical Tourists happen to save a lot of expenses by seeking treatment in India. Although savings may differ a lot individually based upon actual course of treatment & complications involved, but surely it’s a lot more affordable in India. For example, elective procedures like anterior cervical fusion would cost around $44,000 in the US the same would cost less than half in India. We have also included approximate cost of various treatment packages for ease of Medical Tourists.

How to select suitable Hospital & Doctor

Searching the right doctor and the perfect hospital is surely a tough task in a complete strange country. We help you identify most suitable & one of India’s best Hospital & Doctor who specializes in the type of Medical Procedure for specific complication(s), free from any conflict of interest which a super specialty hospital may suffer from.

Are the doctors and surgeons qualified?

All our associated hospitals like Fortis, Apollo, Max and other Hospitals have some of the highly qualified and experienced Doctors. Most of Doctors have also completed their higher studies abroad.

How to secure a Fair Medical Opinion?

You may please contact us through any of communication channels given on our website. You must provide all relevant information on your medical condition, including scans, medical history, and current medication etc. Based upon your description of present medical condition and treatment requested or your medical reports or any scan images where available, we provide Free of Charge Expert Fair Medical Opinion, Medical Procedures required & Cost of Treatment without any obligations on your part. Our Case Manager will revert back to you along with details such as Diagnosis, Treatment plan, Length of stay, estimated cost of treatment, Post discharge care.

Will there be any telephone conference with concerned Doctor(s)?

If required, we shall also arrange a videoconference or teleconference with the treating doctor.

Without a referral from my local doctor, can I seek an appointment?

Yes you can contact directly, with details of your medical history and treatment sought.

How can I come to India for medical treatment?

You must have Passport, VISA issued by Indian Embassy, Yellow Fever Certificate (if applicable), Medical Reports and Scans like X-rays, CT, MRI  (if any) along with a certificate certifying Fit to Fly certificate from your local doctor.

How will an Indian Medical Visa be obtained?

You need to send the scanned copies of the passports of the patient along with medical reports & recommendation from your local doctor, where applicable so that VISA invitation letter can be issued. The Hospital will send Visa Invitation letter directly to Indian embassy in your native country.

How could I find Indian Embassy in my country?

To get location of indian Embassy in your country, click on http://mea.gov.in/indian-missions-abroad.htm

How can I get admission to the India hospital?

Once you have made your decision regarding Hospital, Doctor and Charges involved for treatment then we shall make booking with the Hospital in due consultation with you.

How complicated and time drawn are the visa formalities?

It is similar to obtaining a visa for regular travel purpose. However, if your treatment requires frequent visits, you may opt for a multiple entry visa for which you need an Invitation letter from the hospitals.

How travel arrangements to India will be finalized? How would I move to the hospital from the Indian airport?

Upon receipt of copy of booking of flight tickets, we shall reconfirm Appointments for hospital room, Treatment schedule, airport reception and hotel stay for post treatment recuperation and recovery. Upon arrival at the designated airport in India, you will be received by our representative in the arrivals area. An air-conditioned car or similar transportation will then take you to either your chosen hotel or hospital as per the plan.

What are the registration formalities at the hospital?

You are required to produce your passport at the registration counter to get registered at hospital. You may also be required to pay advance amount at time of registration to the Hospital directly towards course of treatment.

How will I communicate with Doctors?

English is common language in India & more so in Medical fraternity. However in case you do not know English, services of a language interpreter will be arranged who will be with you during medical interactions and help you communicate effectively.

How do I know my treatment plan?

Final decision on your treatment will be made only after the doctor meets you and examines you in person. It is possible that your doctor, upon examining you, may decide you are not fit for surgery, or recommends treatment different from what may have already been planned.

If my family is accompanying me, where can they stay?

As per your choice accommodation at Hotel or guest house in the proximity of Hospital can be arranged for your family members.

Who will be responsible for my stay at Hospital and who can be reached for assistance?

At Hospital, your primary consultants and nursing team will be responsible for all your medical requirements. All your non-medical requirements will be met by our Case manager.

Who are the personnel who will meet me at my room apart from the doctors and nurse?

Medical, nursing staff & our Case Manager will meet you in your room. In addition a dietitian and physiotherapist if medically required will also take care of you.

What about food choices? Will the kind of food I prefer be made available to me?

A variety of choices of food is normally available in most of Hospitals as per your preference. However all dietary prescriptions are subject to your doctor’s advice and appropriate to your health status.

Can I claim the medical expenses from my health Insurance Provider?

Many Hospitals are accredited and recognized by major Insurance providers. We can provide you further details upon specific request.

What are the modes of payment available?

All major credit cards like VISA, MASTER CARD, AMEX, CIRRUS, Traveler’s cheques and Cash in major currencies such as USD, CAD, Euro, Pound Sterling is accepted at all our associated Hospitals. In addition we can also provide foreign exchange services.

Who will help me with the change in flight tickets, FRRO registration (related to registration of Medical Tourists in India) etc.?

We will help you in changing the flight tickets, booking new tickets, FRRO registration, extending VISA period (if required), arranging internal transfers etc.

Would you be charged extra for Medical Tourism services by us?

Our services are available to you at no extra charges. You will be required to pay for all services rendered to you directly that is to Hospital for Medical treatment, Airline for Air tickets, Transporter for local transportation, Hotels / Guest House for accommodation. However our guidance will be available to you at every step, either in collecting correct information or checking out price.

What are the procedures involved in my discharge? What are the formalities and will I get a copy of all my investigation reports?

Our case Manager will coordinate with the concerned Hospital and will keep you updated on date of discharge from Hospital. At the time of discharge you will be detailed about the treatment / surgery you have undergone, on the medication that you have to take, follow-up requirements if any. All your medical investigation reports/X-ray/MRI/other scan images will also be handed over to you at time of discharge by the Hospital.

How can I follow-up with my doctors once I reach my home country?

You can write to our Case Manager on your progress and he will help you keep in touch with your doctors.

Is there any advance payment to be paid?

No patient has to pay in advance. There is a provision of direct payment by the patients to the hospital at the time of admission.

How will I reach the airport on the day of my departure from India?

Our Case Manager will assist you right from your day of arrival in India to your departure from India. We will drop you and your attendant at the airport. Our Case Manager will accompany you.

Who would help me if I have any issues or concerns?

You are free to call our medical facilitators as they would always be at your service. You need not be hesitated while discussing any troubling issue or matter.


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