If science is termed as wonder then Ayurveda must be catalogued as a miracle.

Ayurveda, a discipline of the vedic tradition’s upaveda, has inherited the goodness of nature to bring out the best possible solution for every health disorder. This Vedic medical healing technique consists of every secret of nature that makes our mind, body and soul in perfect equilibrium with it.
Charaka, the scholar of Ayurveda, kept a close look over the science of life and eventually, the whole gist or essence of his vision is compiled in the book of alternative science Ayurveda.

Origin of Ayurveda: For being the oldest healthcare science in the world, Ayurveda dates back to the thousands of years. Even its mention is also there in the Hindu scriptures known as ‘Veda’. Over 6,000-year old the Rig Veda has a series of remedial techniques that has the immense capacity to overcome various sickness. It arranges our health’s tryst with the nature that ensures maintenance of health and we proudly say, “Our health is truly a wealth.”

Charismatic aim of Ayurveda:
a)     Protects health and blesses longevity
b)    Makes body disease-free and corrects dysfunction

Tridoshas : A normal healthy body has balanced Tridoshas.These are Vatta, Pitta and Kapha which represent the Air, Fire and Water respectively. Any kind of imbalance in the seven constitutional doshas can make you bed-ridden. Let’s have a look at these constitutional doshas:

a)     Vata (old age)
b)    Pitta (middle age)
c)     Kapha (childhood)
d)    Vata-Pitta
e)     Pitta-Kapha
f)     Kapha-Vata
g)     Vata-Pitta-Kapha

It has been wrongly interpreted that Ayurveda is all about oil massaging and therefore, detoxifying as well as tonifying the body. On the contrary, none but trained Ayurvedic experts can utilize this miraculous technique in the perfect way for restoring balance in the functioning of mind, body and soul. Out of all, the best three Ayurveda’s magical therapies are briefed below for your knowledge:

Ayurvedic Abhyanga (Massage): An expert and skilled therapist utilises his experience and vast knowledge and comes up with the option of the most suitable oil as per body texture to combat Vata related health problem. Thereafter, the therapeutic massage shows its wonder by:

a)     Reducing stress
b)     Stimulating blood circulation
c)     Relaxing stiff and taut muscles
d)     Kicking out toxins & impurities

Benefits of Ayurvedic Abhyanga (Massage):

A)   Settles all hair related problems
B)     Improves sleep
C)    Enhances vision or eyesight

Padhabhyanga: One of the most inflicting disorders affects legs and knees.
Benefits of Padhabhyanga: This massage therapy penetrates action on the joints.

A)   Cures pain of diabetes
B)   Brings mobility to the stiff joints
C)   Brings flexibility
D)   Destressing the muscles

 Shirodhara: The head in Ayurveda is regarded as ‘Shiro’ while ‘Dhara’ means the flow of warmth. Knowing the magical attributes of Shirodhara, the therapist picks the ingredient to massage as per suitability and requirement. For this therapy, oil is dropped in a gentle flow on the forehead to bring the mind into complete rest and relaxation mode.

Benefits of Shirodhara:

a)     Relaxes nervous system
b)    Soothes mind
c)     Cures neurological disorders
d)    Beneficial in hypertension, anxiety, insomnia and psychiatric problems
e)     Effective cure of paralysis, senile dementia
f)     Enhances memory